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 L Cook Woodworking

 I started woodworking as a kid in school , taking shop classes and always having an interest in wood.

When I reached grade nine our shop teacher told us to design and build a project I designed a mohagany desk for my mother and showed the shop teacher His reply was very good but it might be to advanced for you to do. He did allow me to give it a try. I finished it exactly as I had drawn it, he was totally shocked and told me I think you found your passion in life. I then took on summer jobs and part time jobs in anything that had to do with woodworking then my father knew the passion I had for woodworking and decided to help me build a 12 x 12  little shed in his backyard I started building small little projects like ceder boxes , bookcases , rocking horses etc. Then to my surprize people where wanting to buy this stuff and asking me to make all kinds of stuff, that was the beginning.

Then I was fortunate enough to have a master woodworker who in my eyes was one of the best ask me if I would like to work for him and he would teach me more. I worked for him for many years learning as I went until the day he decided to retire and he asked me if I was ready to take over his business. He taught me so much not only about woodworking but how to treat customers and best reward was when you see a customer and hear them say how beautifull the job looks and they are pleased with it the satisfaction from that is unreal

Thats where custom cabinetry comes into affect anyone can buy from the big box stores and get only what the store has to offer or deal with a custom cabinet maker and watch a dream become a reality from start to finish

We all see that magizine or tv show that shows that unreal kitchen or cab and dream about having it but think our budget and no one can do it for you, but all that stuff you see is made by custom cabinet makers who have a passion and love for what they do not from some assembly line cabinet shop

I work for and with you to make a dream become a reality right from the design process to the final install making sure when I finish the job you are 100 % happy and satisfied

My workers are taught the same way

I had so many customers say there dream has become a reality , let me make your dream become a reality from start to finish

                            Thank You

                                   Lorie Cook